Monday, September 05, 2005

Section V - The Grand Finale !

This part of Quiz was not planned as such!

Thx to Puneet & Divya I have to only say some true & false facts about me to finish this tooo... long Quiz :) :)

So all the guys & gals get ready for taking the last shot at me.
All u have to do is to find out five true & five false facts about me!
Choose the answers with care becoz this is the last chance to improve ur rankings :)

41. My favourite colour during childhood was light green.

42. I have never seen test match cricket.

43. Out of eight semesters of my engineering I topped in two of them.

44. I am quite particular about my appearance & dress sense.

45. I have undergone two major operations in my life.

46. One thing which I am unable to control many times is my anger.

47. I always prefer north Indian food to the south indian one.

48. India’s current wicketkeeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni lives in our colony.

49. Out of all the metros I love Mumbai the most.

50. My average sleeping time is 6 hours.

And I further tag Neel, KL & Chutki

Give ur suggestion What u want in prizes if u won this Quiz !

Best of luck to all of u! Hurry the quiz closes this weekend :)


KL said...

Errr...what does this tag means??

Hmmm...let me see - you are too philosophical and poetic, so I think 44 and 46 are false. You love cricket, and so you must have watched test match. Then, 42 is false. I think you sleep very little. Because I've seen you emailing me when the time in India is around 2/3 in the morning. So, I think 50 is true. For some reasons, I think you like south Indian food. So, 47 is false. 41 I think is true as you like nature. Guessing 49 is correct (why don't you like Calcutta :-(?). I think 43 is false - you must have topped in more than 2 - you look very studious. If 48 is correct, then how come you don't write much about him? So, it must be false. Ok, I am guessing 45 is true.

By what percentage have I flunked :D:D:D???

Keshi said...

Manish I wont take part in any more quizes...Im soooooo done with seeing 'L' signs in my head so many times in the past few weeks LOL!

Hopefully others will take part...n I will read when u update with answers and results :)


Manish Kumar said...

KL : Maza aaya tumare answers padh ke 1 will come back to them later :)
Aur haan go to previous posts and participate in my earlier Sections I , II & III too. Best of Luck

Manish Kumar said...

Keshi : U got 4 out of 5 in DON's quiz! That was a grt showing But still u r not happy. I am still happy that I got 3 of them correct.

Winning is that important for u dear?

I have said again & again its not abt winning & losing its abt having some fun and interaction with ur frens in this BLOGWORLD!

saurav said...

False : 41,43,44,49,50.
True : 42,45,46,47,48.

Urvashi said...

Hey! Looks like I'm just in time!!

49-T (hopefully!!)

Waitng for all the correct answers now! :)

jawaher said...

i made my own blog

jawaher said...

its me joyas :)

jawaher said...

42-f ( i think u are crazy about cricket man:))

Zyenab said...

:( I am 200 % sure i'll get zero in this r go ..

43,45,46,49,50 :-/

KL said...

Errr....Manishji...when shall I get my report-card :D:D:D???

Divya said...

false : 42,44,45,47,50
true: 41,43,46,48, 49

Keshi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Keshi said...

Manish heyy seems like ur disappointed that I didnt take part in all ur quizes...Im sorry but I kinda got tired by too many quizes by everyone ard the blog world and I myself had one quiz cos I was tagged by someone...otherwise I dont really want to quiz ppl abt my personal life...not my style.

**U got 4 out of 5 in DON's quiz! That was a grt showing But still u r not happy

did I say Im NOT happy? I only said that I feel like a loser, for fun...u took it so seriously Manish!

Anyways u also asked me:

**Winning is that important for u dear?

Nope I never said that. Just that u got me wrong Manish. And I have lost many times in my life and I havent thrown tantrums neither have I pushed ppl away from me as a result of that. I ride the waves...

**its not abt winning & losing its abt having some fun and interaction with ur frens in this BLOGWORLD...

It sure is! I know that - not that I need to be told abt winning and losing or how to have fun Manish. I think I took part in ur first quiz and commented in almost all ur other posts...I think that's being a sport.

And remember that having fun and appreciating others input is not ONLY abt them having answered ur's also abt them visiting ur blog and commenting when they can, which I always did. And which u havent done in a while in my blog anyways - I guess now i know why :) But yeah I dun 'expect' anyone to even comment in my blog cos I write posts w.o. much anticipation on feedback - my blog is rather an e-diary and it is there for anyone who has the time and interest in any particluar post they choose to comment on. And I think we need to respect that choice and freedom of all blogmates. thanks anyways.


PuNeEt said...

Hey Keshu dear...
I know its none of my business but plsss calm down dear :-)
I got scared reading that...

Just chill Guys...
dont take things to your heart...

I myself had one quiz cos I was tagged by someone...
I won that quiz... if some1 needs to knw the result...
(flashing myself Keshu... chill)
I'm just trying to cool down the things... don't run over me...

Manish waiting to hear from you aboutt the leading postion before I can take the final quiz ;-)

Peace out guys

Manish Kumar said...

Hi Keshi
I was away from home for past three days & came back today.
Read ur viewpt. Nice that u have expressed urself!
Good Day!

Manish Kumar said...

Chutki tumne jo answers diye hain wo TRUE wale option hain ya false wale ?

Manish Kumar said...

Avik ! Hey u have missed 4th section :)

Manish Kumar said...

KL result batane ke liya mana kiya tha na tumne :) loz ab khud hi report card mang rahi ho!

Manish Kumar said...

Behad shukriya early birds :)Jawahar, PR, KL, Divya aur Chutki quiz khatma karne ke liye !

Haan ek baat nahin batayi aapne ki aap sabki prize ki choice kya haibare mein :)

Aur humare late birds Pari ,Puneet Don , Avik , Neel DD kahan hain sab ke sab?

Arz kiya hai ki.....

Hum hain ki nazrein bichaye baithe hain
aur wo hain ki shakl dikhate bhi nahin
:) :)

Zyenab said...

TRUE walay hain

Dawn said...

Hi manish :)....its time to go and my mind isnt working that well to score ;)

so....lets see...where I follow..Puneet ...:)

41. False
42. True
43. True
44. True
45. False
46. True
47. False
48. False
49. False
50. True

no hard


:) said...

mani.. dekh li shakl.. hehe

PuNeEt said...

Sorry to be Late...
So the final rounds… gosh… don’t know where will I stand but I truly enjoyed ur quiz and specially coz I was leading ;-) hahahahhhaa kidding

1 – False
I answered this last, coz I had finished with my 5 true statements, so this is the balancing figure ;-)

2 – False
This could be a googly but considering your cricket craze this is doubtful.

3 – True
Taking a chance, could be less could be more also ;-)

4 – True
gosh… hope u are

5 – False
Hoping it to be false

6 – True
most of us can’t do this

7 – False
can’t be… south Indian food is too good

8 – True
He stays in Ranchi that is for sure, hoping that he stays in your colony too

9 – False…
I doubt this… should be Delhi/Calcutta

10 – True
very much possible.

Publish the results and final rankings soon
Have fun
Take care

Keshi said...

Puneet Im calm...dun ya worry :) Just that Im bored with too much self-indulgent be honest I want to learn new things from ppl's blogs not read autobiographies...if u know wut I mean. Besides ppl cant get so annoyed for not taking part in their's my right and freedom to do what I like. And I don't want people to take me wrong for that and call me 'someone who always wants to win'. What am I gonna win from winning anyone's quiz here? :)