Saturday, September 24, 2005

Are We Really Entertained on Television Part -II ?

Continued from previous post...

Channel owners knew that apart from serials they have to go for more interactive shows to keep the audience glued to their channel . So another breed of TV programming came to the forefront consisting of game shows, musical hunt contests & reality shows. The concept of most of these shows were taken from western countries.

Indianised version of KBC has great Bachchan as its anchor who is nothing but a picture of grace & humility even after scaling such heights of stardom. But the same can’t be said about other hosts & judges chairing various game & talent hunt shows running on the TV.

It started with Neena Gupta’s show on SONY where specialty of the show was the rude behaviour & terse remarks made by the host. As expected Indian public rejected the show & it was a huge flop.

Then came musical hunt cum reality shows on various channels! Just to add a bit of zing in their programming every negative emotion of hate, jealousy, frustration, desperation of the participants was on air. Add to that was terse comments about the performances of participants by the judges. And all this in the name of borrowed concept of reality shows from the western world!

But what kind of reality is this?

All I want to say to these people that Please don’t sell human emotion in the name of reality. We love to hear these new young talented people perform. So just to sensationalize & add masala to their programming , recording every thing they do unrelated to music is a cheap type of entertainment, which they should desist from.
Similarly pointing the mistakes is a right of judges but once on air they should not be so harsh that their language becomes abusive. Take the example of Indian Idol. There was this participant from Punjab who was a signboard painter by profession. Somehow he tried his luck & got through the initial round. When he qualified in the final 10 the difference between him & rest of the participants was huge. But forgetting his background the judges including Farah Khan, Sonu Nigam & Anu Malik passed humiliating comments about his dress sense, lack of performing abilities & sur. Most of the thing said by judges were correct but the tone of the criticism was not accepted by Indian Public. The more the judges criticized him the more number of votes he got in each successive rounds.


:) said...

i dont watch tv mani.. n i donno whts going on tv there ..
so no comments.. :P


Manish Kumar said...

Pari r u presently away from India?

:) said...

yes me in USA mani..


Urvashi said...

Manish, I'm a sucker for reality shows! But most of the Indian ones really suck! I was somehow not too interested in Indian Idol, though I really liked American Idol. Anu Mallik was just too rude!! Sonu Nigam wasn't though, he was the only one who had something nice to say about each of the contestants. He was never down right rude.
Of course, KBC rocks!! :D

Dawn said...

I hardly got to watch TV as I hardly like to watch ...however did look at the Indian Idols..since I have heard a lot from you and I totally agree with you about the critic part..!!!

So true...critic sitting at the judges level should have some humbleness and encouragement for the participants so that one can try harder rather than quitting.

Good post manish I must say..I enjoyed reading them.


Manish Kumar said...

DON: Got somehow agitated when I saw what is currently aired on Sony in Fame Gurukul in the name of reality show! Thak u DON for going thru these posts & sharing the same sentiments !