Thursday, August 25, 2005

Quiz Sec. -II -Childhood & My Early School Days

11. When I was in class I–a fellow student whose seat was adjacent to me lost 50 paise coin. She thought that I have taken it so she told me to say Vidya Kasam (taking oath by the name of lordesss Sarswati ! figure out what I have done then?

A.) I refused becoz I have taken it.
B.) I lied & gladly took that oath . Then during tiffin time straight way went to pheriwala (street hawker) to buy some Churan (spicy mixture) from that money. :)
C.) Though I have not taken the money I still refused to take that oath becoz I was angry with her that she has no faith in me.
D.) I have not taken the money but still to avoid fight gave her from my own pocket money.

12 Single out the fact, which is incorrect about my childhood school I-IIdays
A.) I was a front bencher
B.) I always figured in top 10 during examination.
C.) Boys of the class bullied me so I was protected by bunch of girls who also included me in their games.
D.) None of the above

13 From class III to V I studied in a different school which was coed. Identify the correct statement out of these
A.) I was extremely naughty child of the class.
B.) I regularly exchanged homework copies with fellow classmates of opposite half
C.) I was in awe of my class topper who was a short stature, dark girl with beautiful eyes.
D.) All of the above

14 In our sports class only game we played was soccer. I being a lazy athlete always stood near opposite goalpost in the offside position. Imagine how many goals have I scored during my school days in 5 years ?
A.) One
B.) Nil
C.) Six
D.) Two

15 Apart from Maths another subject which was my favourite in school was..?
A.) Science
B.) Hindi
C.) Civics
D.) History

16 In my school days I wanted to become……one day
A.) Scientist
B.) Teacher
C.) Cricket Commentator
D.) Musician

17 Till High School
A.) I was an introvert child having few friends
B.) I had a habit of playing alone and talking to myself.
C.) I used to fight with my both elder sis with kicks and what not!
D.) All the above

18 Apart from stamp collection & listening BBC World (Radio) my favourite past time during those days was
A) Listening to Music
B) Pen friendship
C) Swimming
D) Cycling in the whole colony

19 It was in class IX th that my classmates decided to bunk classes to see an adult movie. I also joined them & came out of school. All my friends boarded the bus but I changed my mind at last moment remembering mom’s advice. Guess which movie was that?
A. Ram Teri Ganga Maili
B. Insaaf ka tarazu
C. Blue Lagoon
D. Blame it on RIO

20 From class VII to X I became topper of my class. Though I was not class monitor , my class teacher still used to take my opinion on any matter related to class. Boys of my class wanted to go in annual fete organized by Notre dame (girls) school. As usual the question was put to me
A I told her it’s a very good idea
B. I was unable to make up my mind so advised her for to go for a vote & abide by majority decision of the class.
C. I told her that no purpose will be served by going to a girls school apart from wasting money.
D. None of the above


Dawn said...

Chalo ji...Id aaye na aaye..hum to bali per charhne ke liye taiyaar hogaye hain ;)

lets see...:) suniye mujhe tairna nahi aataaa...:p

11. C (coz u do get angry when someone doesnt trusts u :)
12. C ( I have this gut feeling u were scarred of gals that incorrect hai)
13. C ( this is an assumption as of some kind of infatuation :D )
14. B ( I had doubts with A & B...then I never heard anything abt sports from you other than cricket so.....)
15. B ( this is my strong believe...dekhte hein kitna sahi hai ;) )
16. B (yahan again dikkat hui ke C hai ya aap samajh sakte hein ke wht am thinking abt u :) )
17. B (this is saying coz u r a person who like to be in thoughts ..nature etc)
18. A (am sure binaca geet n all evolved frm here :D )
19. B (ye thora confusion raha yahan ke...shayad Ganga maili to nahi...phir socha nahi )
20. B (am thinking you to be very matured here ...hence this answer)

hahaha lets see hum kitne paani mein hain...election mein bhi neta badalte hein so...dekhein hum kahan hain iss kisht mein ;)

doston.............. copy karna chaho to zaroor karo hehehehehe manish se na daro hahahohohaha

:) said...

mani... nah me not taking this quiz.. 1st u chat with me:)
hehe jeez i dont knw u... oooo i cant copy DON's ans.. last time i got50% es baat 25% rah jayenge:(


:) said...

btw BBC world radio mei kya aata tha... i mean aapki binaka usme involve nahi kya:P

areey no grrrr me asking :)


saurav said...

11 B.
12 A.
13 D.
14 B.
15 D.
16 C.
17 D.
18 D
19 C
20 A.

Keshi said...

~~Keshi relaxes while everyone else is having a go at this quiz...


Divya said...

11. C cos even i wud hav done tht..
12. A
13. C hehe
14. A
15. B cos ur good at it yaar
16. D
17. A
18. A
19. D
20. A

i wanna come 1st now..:(

Manish Kumar said...

Pari Hey I love to confuse people and I am good at it :). So think again chatting may lead u to few positions down! hee hee

BBC world mein wahi aata tha jo aaj aata hai :) :) I used to hear it betwen 5.30-7.30 tune in shayad wahin se koi clue mil jaye :)

Dewdrop said...


:) said...

11.. d ..well i would hv done this
12.. c
13.. d
14.. b
15.. b
16.. d
17.. d
18.. a
19.. a
20.. b
pari.. looks at mani.. shhh.. dont laugh.. hehe i knw iam bad in this..
good luck pari..


Zyenab said...

Okay so here i present my answers ...Taaantaraaan !!!

Q11: D ( Hmmm ..untill i read option 'D' i was entirly going with option 'C' but this 'D' has force me to...lolz )

Q12: c ( Bcz ur still am anti gurl person hehehe...:) )

Q13: B (just a guess...but not a wild one b'cz am sure 'A' is not at all applicable ;) hence 'D' has Lost its effect :) )

Q14: B (B'cz u just said u were lazy hehe.. well if u've choosed this question so there might be an exceptional ans for tht..which wuld be definately 'B' :D )

Q15: D (my heart is forcing me to click on 'B' but going with my mind :( ... )

Q16: B (This was a completly blind shot ! anyways not tht bad of me u can be a maths teacher ;).. )

Q17: B (well i suppose...'A' or may be 'D'is the correct ans..But the fact is u like moon a lot.which is a symbol of may be my decession of choosing 'B' is right ;) ..)

Q18: A (plus 2 am damn sure for this one..i remember once u mentioned somewhere tht {in old times} u really wait long for the geetmala or something like tht one the radio.. )

Q19: D (No clue at all !! I just pressed the 'D' button like tht ...)

Q20: B (If i was u ..i wuld have done the keeping me at ur place am going with 'B' :)...)

P.s : Yesterday i read the questions and thought this section is a bit too easy ..but today ..Goshh..! after going through the options of the given question....i dint say anything...but my nails have vanished ;)lolz

Manish Kumar said...

Keshi, Joyas, Puneet, Phoenix ,Neel Where r all of u ?

Hurry up !

And Dewdy Section I is still open do post ur answers there !

PuNeEt said...

Hey dude... Not fair...
the answers for 1st quiz are not out... Not done :-(


All are wild guesses...
lets c

n pls put the answers fast for the first quiz...


Manish Kumar said...

Hey Puneet
Kya karoon yaar I was waiting for Dewdy to respond to the first section!
I will wait till sunday and answer will be there on Monday . I hope u will bear with me

hmmmmm this time u made all wild guesses I have not seen ur answers par jinhone jyada dimag lagaya hai unki halat achchi nahin hai :)

so I hope u will score more . Lets see :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i wanna take a good grade this time pls :)

Manish Kumar said...

Joyas Dear !
Its guessing game ! And so difficult tooo so dont expect good marks :)

Infact this section has been tough for everybody !

Keshi said...

Since Puneet n I r a team now ;-) I go with his answers...


btw he gave me copy-rights:)

~~Holds Puneet's hand n awaits Manish's answers...


Manish Kumar said...

Keshi this is not done

Anonymous said...

so i will not get a good grade:(

Manish Kumar said...

Joyas the max score in round 2 is 4 out of 10 so everyone has fared badly in round II. I hope Round III will be that much easier :)

Urvashi said...

Hi Manish!! Made it at last!! Here goes nothing!


Let's see if I get lucky again!! :)

KL said...

11 - D
12 - A
13 - C :D:D:D
14 - C
15 - B
16 - D
17 - D
18 - A
19 - B
20 - B (it better not be C :D:D)