Friday, May 26, 2006

Snapshots from Sikkim : Part III

A small sleepy village Lachen which we left early in the morning for our onward journey to Thangu & Lake GuruDongmar

Weather was cloudy in lachen & it remained so until we crossed Thangu. our hearts erupted with joy when we saw clear blue sky for the first time since morning.

We were now at a height of 16000 feet with no vegetation to speak of. Snow capped peaks, gushing winds, wandering clouds and flat terrain was what we were subjected to in those unforgettable 4 hours of journey.

Hurrah! we have reached our first destination at a height of 17300 ft at this beautiful lake called Gurudongmaar. It was really unbelievable to be at such height.

Only a part of the lake was frozen & we went there to just have a feel for the ice. U can see pics of frozen lake on my other blog.

I got the feel of the song while climbing to that spot
Is jameen se aasman tak............
Main hi Main hoon
Doosra Koyi Nahin Hai :)To see the other pics click on the link below

Monday, May 15, 2006

Snapshots from Sikkim - Part II

The journey from Gangtok ,Tashi View Point & then to Lachen was memorable for various reasons some funny and some not so funny! U can find it out along with pics at the links given below
Safar Sikkim Ka :Part III Roman Hindi हिन्दी
Safar Sikkim Ka Part II Roman Hindi, हिन्दी

The road from tashi view point to Phensang was quite terrible because of rains and landslides.

However remote the area may be u can be rest assured that one companion will always be with u that is Indian Army.

After 100 km of journey we reached Chungthang the origin of river Teesta.
And this was an effort to give some relaxation to the whole body :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Snapshots from Sikkim : Part-I

With summer in its full bloom, travel is the theme of all my blogs this month.:)
Traveling is one thing which I love to do. And when we got a bunch of holidays in 2nd week of April it was time to set off for a holiday. I will not give any journey details here as I am already covering them at my other blogs . U can read them and see some more pics here
But then I have lot of pics to share something new in all my blogs :). Both these pics were taken when we were in route to Gangtok from Sikkim.
Look how lush green is the forest a view which continued for some time as we moved out of Siliguri. Siliguri is infact gateway to several tourist destinations in North Bengal, Sikkim & Bhutan!

A view of River Teesta what river Ganges is to UP...the same importance has River Teesta to people of Sikkim.We got first glimpse of teesta 35 km away from siliguri and then went all along it towards its origin!
All these pics are taken from moving vehicle so focus is not as sharp.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Year Passed...

One year has passed since I first started this blog. Last month it was celebrations time for my other blog Ek Sham Mere Naam where I dedicated a series of seven posts to my frens. But then it will be a quieter affair here.
Its a kind of sleepy blog which goes on its own pace. As a result I have only 40+ posts here compared to 90+ at other one.

The most happening moment of this blog was the fun Quiz Posts when I tried to share few titbits of my life in an interactive manner with all of u. It was neck to neck race between Puneet , Don & Divya and finally Puneet scrapped thru .
Like to thank u all who frequented this blog some time or the other especially KL, DON, Urvi, Keshi, ZA, Jawaher, Puneet, Pari, Divya, Avik, Megha, Nagu, MS...
I don't know how many of u will still remain active till next year , as one can see that nothing is permanent in this blogging world. But still I hope that u all will be there next time around.