Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bihar gets a new lease of life!

I am so happy for my state today. At last there is a wind of change! With NDA winning the election under the leadership of Nitish Kumar, i feel things will improve for the better especially the law & order situation.

Bihar Elections

At last we have a leader who has a clean image & a man who can rise above casteism to take Bihar on path of development. With the state of infrastructure & administration as it is today it will be an uphill task.

Wish u all the best Nitish ji ! I hope that u will give ur best shot to the job at hand :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Da Vinci Code

History has always remained my favourite subject, though religion is not. Also paintings never attracted me in a big way compare to other art forms. But when I went thru this book related to Da Vinci’s work in the light of pre chirstian religious history , I was amazed to see the kind of research author has done to write this suspense novel. Infact the book’s speciality is that apart from keeping your interest alive right thru... it enlightens ur mind too.
Some of the observations of author were really quite interesting. Here I share some of them with u!

First Monalisa will not be same for me again :), I will always visualize her as Amon + Isis(Lisa), the combination of male & female fertility god of Egypt.

And have u heard of a magic no PHI? Mathematically PHI is equal to 1.618. So what’s so special about it? Human body is literally made of building blocks whose proportional ratios always equal to PHI. Not convinced :)! Take out the inch tape & calculate following ratios:
Tip of ur head to the floor/ belly button to the floor
Shoulder to fingertips/ elbow to fingertips
Hip to floor / knee to floor!
According to author all these ratios will be equal to PHI

Vinci’s famous work The Last Supper consists of 13 men including Jesus Christ right
no wrong
It consists of 12 men + 1 women ! Who was she?

There r other controversial observations which can be questioned! But it gives an interesting viewpoint abut Jesus , Christianity & Pre Christian religion of nature worshippers known as Pagans.

But religious history is just the backdrop of the novel, the real suspense is involved in solving some smart crypto graphical riddles ! So puzzle lovers will just love it. All in all a good novel to read..