Monday, September 18, 2006

Shiva ..another disappointment from Ram Gopal Verma

Movie : Shiva
Place : Metro, Cinema, Kolkata
Day : 16 th September
Why we chose to see it ? : There was nothing else to do. And apart from Metro we have no idea about other cinema halls in the vicinity at Esplanade.

Prologue : I can never forget Satya ! In the movie Ram Gopal Vema handled the Mafia theme superbly with innovative charcterisation of Bhikhu Mahatre. Then came three more memorable flicks from the same production house; Company , Bhoot & Sarkaar along with lot of forgettable one’s of Darna series. Off late my rating for Ramu has dropped, the reason being he has confined himself two two themes terror & mafia. So when you see any of the Ramu’s new movie u have déjà vu effect.

Movie : Coming to Shiva, a story of an upright sub inspector who fights against the…..yeah u guessed right ! same old mafia + political leader nexus. Ramu uses the same James combination of Mohit Ahlawat & Nisha Kothari as the leads.
There is nothing new in the treatment of this mighty boring old plot…
About Mohit Ahlawat .. looks OK has nothing much to do apart from using his fists with lot of anger in his eyes
Nisha Kothari….hmmm she is OK too as a crime reporter who has to expose whenever Ramu desires ! it is irrelevant whether story has anything to do with it or not. Remember Rangeela & Daud where Urmila did the same as Nisha is doing now. It is a pattern in the Ramu’s movie which no body can miss.
About the music the less said is the better.
All in all a movie to make a quick buck rather than a tribute to upright police officers as Ramu claims. I will advise him to see Ardha Satya made by Govind Nihlani on the same subject again and his head should hang in shame.

Epilogue : I have heard that Ramu’s finances are in bad shape but that doesn’t mean he should make movies which have nothing new to offer. There was a phase that anything with Ramu’s name was perceived by average moviegoers as something different. But with this sort of stuff even that image has taken a dent.
Why he has to confine himself within his comfort zone of mafia and thrillers? Why his music has nothing soulful off late. I don’t know how Sholay will turn out but omens are not good.

Rating : Don’t waste ur money or time on this one !