Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Five Point Someone

It’s so difficult to put down this kind of book which u can so much relate to! And Five Point Someone is one such book.

The author Chetan Bhagat tells us story of 3 frens with different background coming together at the most coveted engg college of India after clearing one of the toughest entrance exam of its kind. But soon they get frustrated with pressures of assignments & unfair grading system which they think only promotes mugging rather than original thinking. But still these guys with their 5.0+ GPA sail together as frens with ups & downs of college life.
So why did this book appealed so much to me?
No , no I am not an IITian !
Nor I have been traumatized by our professors in a series of unending quizzes and assignments! :)
But then dissimilarity ends here!
Like the three heroes of the novel Ryan, Hari & Alok , I found my best friends in those 4 years of hostel life!
Like true mechanical engineers, we always have to rely on outside sources (read other deptt, campus) to look for a GF like the main protagonist Hari. The only cliché was that Hari went for his HOD’s daughter as her GF.....ha ha a thing which we could have never thought of even in our dreams.

There were so many other things which I fondly remember after reading the novel, whether it was ragging as freshers , or bunking our classes, or eating at roadside dhaba after hard days work or discussing about the nitty gritty of female mind :) :). The pictures of all these came vividly in mind as I flipped through the pages of novel.

Its 270 pages are not only a nostalgic journey of the time we spent at our alma mater but the way Chetan has written it, its just pure fun to go through! Chetan knows the art of story telling & it’s no surprise at all that it has become nation's bestseller.

Price (India): Hardcover Rs 295, Paperback Rs 95

Pages: 270
Publisher: Rupa & Co.
About the Cover:

The three gears represent Hari, Alok and Ryan, while the flower represents Neha. These engineering and human elements are shown to co-exist in harmony. Also, gears need to mesh together to work, representing Hari, Alok and Ryan's friendship.
The white colour of the cover represents simplicity, as seen in the writing style of the book. The definition of friendship spread all over reinforces the theme of the book.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Sa Re Ga Ma Challange 2005 !

I don't see TV that much but when it comes to musical shows its different. And SA RE GA MA is my personal favourite. The talent on display is just superb. Though some of the better contestants are put on threshold by the public votes.

If u r a real music lover don't miss it!
And tell me who is ur favourite till now!

My favourite among the girls right now is
Himani Kapoor
with Twinkle & Nihira at close second
and among the boys
I like Hemchandra & Vineetwith Debojit closely following them.

So right now I am eliminating Ujjaini & Rajeev! Except these two I think all of them really Rock in terms of singing and performances.

What's ur take on these guys & gals :)

Also do tell me which is your favourite war cry! :)
a) Yalgaar Ho
b) Hum mein hai Dum Jam Ke Rakhna Kadam
c) Jay Ho Mangalmay Ho
d) let's rock the world

Update 15.12.05 - As predicted Rajeev is out with Ujjaini & Twinkle barely scrapping thru! Still it was a big achievement from a chowmin shop owner to reach this far .

Update 22.12.05 - Today Twinkle is out! Though she was not the best singer still she deserved to be in the fray ahead of Paresh & Ujjaini. I am a bit sad for her infact I voted for her last week but.... Hard luck Twinkle hope u will make ur mark in future...

Update 23.12.05 - Oh gosh! Star of the day was again Himani, the way she sung Jiya Dhadak Dhadak from movie Kalyug just left me speachless. Great show Himani even Rahat Fateh Ali Khan would have envied ur performance.:)

Update 29.12.05 - Today I am more or less satisfied with the result. Ujjaini crashed out & Himani stood at the top place as she richly deserved that after her soulful performance last week. Though Ujjaini sang well last week still she was a bit lucky to be there at first place. Today I liked the performance of Paresh the young lad from UK. He has definitely improved in last two weeks. May be becoz of presence of her pretty wife :). And last but not the least todays guest of honour was my favourite lyricist Prasoon Joshi who sang my fav song Khul Ke Muskura Le Tu on stage. It made my day..

Update 6.1.06 - Its pretty difficult to single out the next person who will have to leave the show. In girls Himani is the best no doubt about it. But it is in the boys category choice is becoming increasingly difficult . Hemchandra is good. But so is Vineet & even Debu has come with great performance in last few weeks. With slight error in singing Debu may be in danger next week. Let's see what happens next week. Till Then I have to keep my fingers crossed :)