Monday, May 15, 2006

Snapshots from Sikkim - Part II

The journey from Gangtok ,Tashi View Point & then to Lachen was memorable for various reasons some funny and some not so funny! U can find it out along with pics at the links given below
Safar Sikkim Ka :Part III Roman Hindi हिन्दी
Safar Sikkim Ka Part II Roman Hindi, हिन्दी

The road from tashi view point to Phensang was quite terrible because of rains and landslides.

However remote the area may be u can be rest assured that one companion will always be with u that is Indian Army.

After 100 km of journey we reached Chungthang the origin of river Teesta.
And this was an effort to give some relaxation to the whole body :)


Dawn said...

WOW quite an adventurous ...& yes you said right about the Indian Army :) but scarry abt the part when you say rain n landslides...

amazing...I could be refreshing just by looking at the pics...can imagine how it might be there to be in real :)


Keshi said...

whoaaaaaaaaaaa hot pics of hot places!


Urvashi said...

Wow! The roads look really dangerous! I saw the pics on your hindi blog too. Nice ones! So you obviously had a good time!

Manish Kumar said...

DON Any journey uphill has these predicaments. As u will see in next part that though journey was taxing for our body..still what we saw along the route...more than made for it.

Manish Kumar said...

Keshi hot pics of ohh so cooooool places :) Wind was really ferocious when we ventured out in those flat terrain the chill they brought along was something I can't forget in all my life. See the next part.

Manish Kumar said...

PR Check out the pics of next part of the journey. The most difficult but at the same time the most enthrilling

KL said...

Really? Do they accompany every vehicle that passes through that area? Or just because they travel often every vehicle finds them? By they, I mean the Indian Army :).

Ok, another complaint - NOT FAIR :(

Manish Kumar said...

There is heavy army deployment in that area. They do not escort us but then every now & then u see an army vehicle passing by.
Then there are ARMY checkpost at higher altitudes to chk wheather the passengers going to GuruDongmar are returning safely or not. They also provide medical attention if required.

mathew said...

nice pics man..hey could gimme ur mail id..infact am planning for a trip ..need suggestions dude!!

Manish Kumar said...

Hi Mathew
Welcome to my blog.
U can have my yahoo id from my profile !
Ya its grt place to visit. Waitiing for ur querries.

Anonymous said...

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