Friday, May 26, 2006

Snapshots from Sikkim : Part III

A small sleepy village Lachen which we left early in the morning for our onward journey to Thangu & Lake GuruDongmar

Weather was cloudy in lachen & it remained so until we crossed Thangu. our hearts erupted with joy when we saw clear blue sky for the first time since morning.

We were now at a height of 16000 feet with no vegetation to speak of. Snow capped peaks, gushing winds, wandering clouds and flat terrain was what we were subjected to in those unforgettable 4 hours of journey.

Hurrah! we have reached our first destination at a height of 17300 ft at this beautiful lake called Gurudongmaar. It was really unbelievable to be at such height.

Only a part of the lake was frozen & we went there to just have a feel for the ice. U can see pics of frozen lake on my other blog.

I got the feel of the song while climbing to that spot
Is jameen se aasman tak............
Main hi Main hoon
Doosra Koyi Nahin Hai :)To see the other pics click on the link below


Dawn said...

AWESOME is the word..!!! bahut hee khubsurat looks like painting...wah! prakruti ki bhi leela kya nirali hai waqai..!
Last one am sure its u ;)


Keshi said...

Is this pics of Heaven?


Anonymous said...


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KL said...

Very lovely pictures :). How does it feel to be so high up - do you get any breathing troubles or anything? Did you try to climb anyone of those snow-capped mountains :)?

Manish Kumar said...

DON Haan ji sahi pehchana aapne.:)

Manish Kumar said...

Keshi :) Kyun jeete ji heaven pahuncha rahi ho :P

Manish Kumar said...

Asim thx for visiting the blog. Saw ur project, its interesting & unexplored topic that u have chosen. I will be in touch with u thru mail.

Manish Kumar said...

KL Hmmm ur first question is answered in my GuruDongmar post in my Roman Hindi Blog. to cut it sort yes I went out for 1-2 min all of a sudden.

Ha ha Abt Rock Climbing I am not that adventurous ;P

Dawn said... replied to keshi in hindi :O...she wont understand until you translate it to her :)


Urvashi said...

Wowwwwwwww!! Amazing pics!! What a beautiful place! The blue sky pics were just tooooo beautiful!! Wish I could have been there!! :)

Manish Kumar said...

DON yaar appro. phrase yaad nahin aa raha hai jo ki eng mein equivalent ho :0

Manish Kumar said...

PR Thx PR ! U shd go sometimes its really great. And do chk my other blog for more pics infact I have added my best shots only yesterday of the tour on my other blog.

Anonymous said...

Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.