Tuesday, August 30, 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUTKI ! 31st August 2005

Wishing u a wonderful B’Day dear :)!

Though Chutki joined our favourite forum a year ago! It was only in last six months I came to know her personally.
So Chutki I want to take u back to the days when u joined Bahas!
After reading ur initial sharings I could gather that u have similar taste of poetry as ours..
And within few days u became such a fan of DON that one day DON asked me

Manish tell me Kahin aisa to nahin ki ye Gumnaam koi ladka ho !
Hee hee haa haa:)!

I told her that I don’t think so because the type & content of her poems suggests something else! ;)

At your age I could never dreamt of organizing my thoughts in such a nice way! I hope that u will always give some time to ur hobby to hone it further as u grow up!

What else I like about u ?
Hmmmmm u know that isn’t it ?

But I always choose B’days to express what I sincerely feel abt my frens..so to the extent of repeating myself let me list them out again
Ur sincerity towards studies,
The faith u show in ur frens &
Grt sense of humor u have !

Keep these virtues and u will never be short of frens !

Wish u all the best !


Dawn said...

Hurray...Birthday Bash for Chutki ... :D...am glad Manish you wished here..though I was thinking to remind you ;)

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day....dear...may you have many many more...to give me loads of headaches hehehehe !!!

sweet gal be like that or else....:D...

with lots of love to Chutki...........:D

@manish: amazing way as usual...your style..liked it..!!! lekin raaz ki baat yahan kyun bata dee ab chutki mujhe jeene nahi degi hahahha


Divya said...

happy birthday chutki.. :)

Keshi said...

Happy Bday to Manish's friend!


PuNeEt said...

Thats so sweet Manish...

Chutki...you are really very lucky to have so special friends....

Wishng u again a very happy birthday... God Bless

Take care


saurav said...

Happy Birthday Chutki....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Zyenab said...

@ manish ji :

Life is not measured by the breathes we take, but by the
moments that take our breathe away

This birthday of mine was the most speacialist and incomparable one....:)and u knw y.....only becoz of u guys....u n fiza ji has given me immense of happiness for which a little word of thanks has no value....but still i.. from the depth of my heart is thanking u for making me and my day feel so special :)

Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief."

Once again Thnxz a lot :)

Zyenab said...
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Zyenab said...

@ Dear dawn....

Hey...:O when did i give u a headache ??...and if i did...Yoohhoooo...i succeed in my mission hahaha...Thnxz a ton for such a lovely note...:)

@ Divya, keshi, puneet & avik :

Thnxzzz a lot for ur shweet shweet wishes :) you guys have added a flavour on my birthday cake ..... :) Thanks a million...infact billion ;) :)

@ Anonymous

Hey i thought u were giving me a charge free muscle treatement...with some complementary dvd's ...and dinner at the famous raw food resurant..as my birthday present hahaha....:D

:) said...

belated happy bday chutki manih's friend:)

chorry me late..