Sunday, August 21, 2005

Want to know about me then lets get Quizzical

So nothing extraordinary happening in life
Work work & more work….:(
How to keep this blog alive?
So I thought to get Quizzical .

I invite all my blog frens participate in this new quiz, it will help u to know me better. And in this question and answer mode it will be more entertaining for me & u too!
The quiz will be in different section.. All u have to do is to reply with question no & the corresponding option. Every correct answer will fetch u two marks. Results will be shown on my TAG BOX after completion of each section .

And overall topper will be suitably rewarded *
I am putting all the questions on the blog instead of a web site to avoid cheating :) hee hee

* Conditions apply ! courtsy DD


Zyenab said...

Very kooool quzzical session...Enjoyed a lot in the first round..lets see wht happens next lolzz..

Every correct answer will fetch u two marks

Thnxz God there is no negative marking on a wrong ans :D

Manish Kumar said...

ha ha ha ha!
hmmm nice reply to questions
u gave ur logic too!
Thx for taking so much interest
I am really pleased with ur efforts!