Saturday, September 10, 2005

Answers !

Section –I : Movies & Music
Here are the answers for the Ist round as all of u have already participated in this round.
Answers are along with name of participants who guessed it correctly !

1. D (None)
The first movie which I saw with my friends in a cinema hall when I was 18 years old.
Quite odd naa that’s why none of u got it right :)
Chutki : Class mein gana gane ka matlab ye to nahin ki picture bhi ja ke dekh lee ho :)
Neel : Ur logic was grt but it proves that I was more dumb than u at that age. :(

2. B (Don , Divya & PR)
The only movie I have seen twice in a theatre Yes it was 1942 A love story & it has lot to do with Manisha Koirala’s fresh cute unpolluted looks…

Neel : hey , as a matter of fact the songs of all these movies are my fav. Like Pehla Nasha from JJWS & Kyun naye lag rahe hain ye dharti gagan from 1942..

3. C ( Don, KL)
For me Shahrukh is good actor but other three r really great!
Chutki : Apni mum se poochna Sanjeev Kumar ki acting ke bare mein !
Divya : Tum bhi option A. Ab ye mat kehna ki ye actor bhi thakela tha :)
PR : U do not like Aamir ?:)
And surprisingly many of u opted for Bachchan including Puneet !

4. B (None)
This was a real big surprise for me. It seems all of u r die hard fans of Madhuri Dikshit?
I disliked her choice of roles in major part of her career.

5 C ( Every body except ZA,KL & Joyas lagta hai tum sab ne ye gaana suna nahin :( )
Hmmm most of u got the song Jaddu teri nazar …. Tu haan kar ya na kar tu hai meri Kiran!Well Done :)

6 A (almost everyone)
Neel : U wrote option A makes u cry & in my question I also told u that’s a qt emotional song for me so why ‘B”?

7. C (Pari, Puneet, ZA, KL, Neel)
Yes Jagjit Singh became my fav in college days. Incidently I was not selected by class teacher to sing that song.
DON : How can u miss the clue?

8. A (most of u)
For those who selected option D : tell me can option A & C go together ?

9. A (most of u )
I enjoy singing in any situation but then it is my only solace when I am sad & lonely.
Chutki : Ur confidence is appreciated :)

10. C (most of u)
Avik : I like Ash u must have missed one of my post on this blog

Section –II : My Early Childhood

This round proved to be quite tough for all of U! The reason being that most of u chose ur answers based on my present traits & hobbies !

11. C (DON, Divya, Joyas, PR & Puneet)
When I was in class I–a fellow student whose seat was adjacent to me lost 50 paise coin. She thought that I have taken it so she told me to say Vidya Kasam Though I have not taken the money I still refused to take that oath becoz I was angry with her that she has no faith in me

DON : Correct Observation :)
Divya : Nice to know that u have done the same!
Avik & Dewdy : so u thought I am fun loving liar hee hee:)

12 B (None)
Single out the fact, which is incorrect about my childhood school I-II days : I always figured in top 10 during examination
Most of u opted for option A (me being a front bencher) & option C (me bullied by boys). Both were correct. All of u has this studious kind of image of me that’s why I kept that option B & you all fell in the trap. In primary classes I never figured in top 10 :)

DON : Not scared just shy!
Chutki : Contrary to ur assumption just opposite was the fact but that perception changed over the years.

13 C (DON , Divya , KL & Puneet)
I was in awe of my class topper who was a short stature, dark girl with beautiful eyes. Being shy I have very few interaction with her but her performance inspired me to do better in my studies.

14 A (Divya)

Divya – Bole to kya tukka mara!
Thx KL & Joyas at least both of u thought that I could score 6 goals.
As for others don’t underrate me so much grrr :(

15 D ( Avik & Chutki)
Apart from Maths another subject which was my favourite in school was History.
I knew with my Hindi blog around most of u will opt for that but my love for the subject grew only after entering college.
Well done Chutki & Avik for figuring out this correctly!

16 C (Avik, PR & Dewdy)
I was greatly influenced by Cricket Commentators like Sushil Doshi & Narrotam Puri in my school days.

17 D (Avik, DD,Puneet, Pari)
U all played it safe but that was right thing to do!:)

18 B (None)
Apart from stamp collection & listening BBC World (Radio) my favourite past time during those days was Pen Friendship. I loved to write snail mails & believe me I am good at it :)
Except Avik all went for music, which came a bit later in my life.

19 C (Avik, Puneet & PR)
Yes my classmates were too excited to see glamorous Brook Shield and I almost agreed to joined them but changed my decision at the last moment.

Great guess from the trio who lead this section !

20 C (PR)
Boys of my class wanted to go in annual fete organized by Notre dame (girls) usual the question was put to me by my CT . Yup I told her that no purpose will be served by going to a girls school apart from wasting money. :)
I still remember I got so much gali from classmates ! Ant mein yahi kehte gay ki Yaar ise akl kab aayegi :) :)

PR : U got my psychology right this time :)
DON : U forgot, I told u this incident :(

Section-III : College Days

21. D (None)
Wrote my first poem during Ist yr Engg reflecting something about my past .

22. A (Most of u except Divya, Avik & Joyas)
In my first year in engineering the most dreaded subject for me was Engg. Drawing.

23. B (Most of u except Kl, Chutki, Avik & Joyas )
My first crush in real sense happened when I was in Class XII
Kl & Chutki : Hmmm so you both thought that I am incapable of having crushes :(

24. B (Don, Puneet & KL)
I did my BE from BIT Mesra. It brought certain drastic changes in my nature & thinking. Other options were correct but flirting was not my cup of tea :).
Chutki : with my perceived image ye answer to sahi karna tha Which one of the following is incorrect

25. D (Puneet, KL, Pari, Chutki)
Though I was introduced to various form of music in my college. The one, which influenced me, the most was Ghazals. Infact it was mentioned against my name in my college batch book that Manish & Ghazals r inseparable.

DON : It was ur biggest blunder :( !

26. B (Divya, Avik)
One fine morning our computer teacher was changed without any prior knowledge. In place of a Khoosat prof a young maam came to teach us ! Her first class finished with pin drop silence as every one was too surprised to react! In the next class waise log bhi naha dho kar aaye j hafton na nahate hon aur der se aane ka to sawal hi nahin kyunki har koi first row mein baiyhna chahta tha :)

27 D (Most of u except Puneet, Pari, PR & Joyas ).
Whenever there was no electricity and that was often the case we used to play playing cards with candles or emergency light.

28. A (Most of u except Divya, PR & Joyas)
How many girls I really flirted with during my Engineering – Nil :) this answer automatically comes from Q 24

29. B (Most of u except KL, Avik & Joyas)
One of the thing which I tried desperately to increase in those 4 years without any success was my wt. I weighed only 42 kg in my final year!
KL : U opted for option C hmmmm wo to socha karte the try nahin karte the :)
Avik : On that front I was more consistent

30. D (Most of u except DON, PR, Avik & Joyas)
I really hate smoking !
Don : Oye ye paan wala idea kahan se aaya tere dimaag mein!
PR : U just forgot…
Joyas : u got me totally wrong specially in this section :)

Section-IV : Travel, Books etc etc...

31.C (Don. Chutki, Puneet & Pari)
I love to travel. Out of all these places I have visited, the one which I have enjoyed the most is Andmaans. Goa was my fav till last year when I visited Andmaans. Though Goa’s beaches are still the best in totality I found the islands more attractive.

Divya : Tumhein to Goa kehna hi tha! Wahan ki meethi yadein jo judi hain tumhare man mein :)
PR : So u have been to Pokhra ! Infact when we went there we could not see those beautiful peaks of Himalayas due to cloud cover.

32 A (Pari)
There is this city which is situated along side river Ganges. The bridge not only covers the river but also crosses through part of a city. I always love to observe this whenever I happen to be on that route. Yup I was talking about Allahabad!

Pari : Great answer! How u figured this one out?

33 D (Puneet & Don)
I love all these shades of Blue !

34 C (Everyone except Joyas)
My fav transport is Railway ! Obvious isn’t it.
Joyas : U have also got it if u knew a bit of Hindi !

35 C ( KL & Joyas)
I never studied in Delhi. I did my PG/ ME from Univ. of Roorkee now known as IIT, Roorkee.
Joyas : see this tie ur guess was more accurate than others!
Puneet : U never heard name of Roorkee! Yaar now its an IIT. Its situated near Haridwar.

36 A (Most of u except KL, Joyas & Chutki)
Yes I couldn’t stand science fiction!
Chutki – Of all choices option B, tell me how u arrived at this conclusion?

37 B (Don & Chutki)
Ohh I like all of them to some extent or the other but if one option is asked I will go for the Ashapoorna ji ! Most of u may have never read her but she was one of the most popular Bengali novelist who wrote extensively about gradual awakening of women in joint families of Bengali society.

Kl & Avik : Have u read any book of her?

38 D (Most of u except KL, Joyas & PR)

39 A (Chutki & Divya)
I am out & out left hander all the other statements were true.

Puneet : I thought u will crack this one but u doubted on my six hiting capabilities but then hostel cricket ground was not that big :)

40 B (Puneet, Divya & Chutki)
The most important quality I seek in my friends is Honesty & Humility.
I like intelligent people but only if they r humble.
Puneet , Divya & Chutki : Extremely pleased to see that 3 of u got me correctly

Section - V :Which is True ? Which is False?

41. My favourite colour during childhood was light green.
True ( Divya , KL)

42. I have never seen test match cricket.
False (Most of u except Avik, DON & Pari)
As a kid I saw India –Australia test match at Green Park, Kanpur. India won that test match.

43. Out of eight semesters of my engineering I topped in two of them.
False (KL, Avik)
KL u got it right expecting too much of me hee hee. I only toped once in 7th semester.

44. I am quite particular about my appearance & dress sense.-
False ( Divya , KL, Avik, Chutki)
No I am not that particular, the reason is my laziness.

45. I have undergone two major operations in my life.
True (Most of u except Puneet, DON & Pari, Divya)
Hmmm for my right hand !

46. One thing which I am unable to control many times is my anger
True (Everyone except PR & KL)

47. I always prefer north Indian food to the south indian one.
False (Everyone except PR & Avik)
Masala Dosa, Uttapam, Bada sambhar, Idli, Upma I love them all.

48. India’s current wicketkeeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni lives in our colony
True (Avik, Joyas, Puneet & Divya)
U four readily beieved me :) though I have yet to meet him.

49. Out of all the metros I love Mumbai the most
False (Everyone except PR, Chutki, Divya & KL)
My favourite is Delhi may be becoz I am more familiar to it
KL – O re baba Kolkata! Too much pollution with horrible humidity.

50. My average sleeping time is 6 hours.
True (Most of u except Avik, Divya & Joyas)


PuNeEt said...

Hey.. good to see the results of round 1...

You know what... I read ur question 3 wrongly... I missed out the NOT in that and voted Amitabh thinking him to be ur fav actor...
2 precious point lost... gosh if dawn will overtake me by 2 points, I'll regret reading this question wrongly :-(

Take care

Divya said...

huh.. answer diya to bhi tukka maara bolta hai .. hey bhaggu... bhaai ka zamana hi nahi :(

lol mez second...!!!

Manish Kumar said...

hee hee nahin Divya dil mein nahin lene ka!
Infact u have done exceptionally well ! Itte kam dinon mein bhi tumne itni sari batein sahin guess ki Really a commendable performance !

Divya said...

:) hehe