Saturday, September 03, 2005

Section-IV Travel, Books etc etc...

31.I love to travel. Out of all these places I have visited, the one which I have enjoyed the most is
A Darjeeling
B Goa
C Andmaans
D Pokhra (Nepal)

32 There is this city which is situated along side river Ganges. The bridge not only covers the river but also crosses through part of a city. I always love to observe this whenever I happen to be on that route.
There is this funny incident which I want to share with u. It so happened that one of my co passenger blew a kiss from the moving train to the young housewife who was preparing rotis. So the result ! Hee Hee :)
In an instant reaction she raised her belan like a Hanuman's Gada! Coming back to the question can u tell me which city I am talking about ?
A Allahabad
B Varanasi (Kashi)
C Haridwar
D Kanpur

33 My favourite colour is blue ! Tell me which shade of blue is my favourite
A Shade-I
B Shade-II
C Shade-III
D All the above

34 My favourite mode of transport is
A Personal Car
B Bus
C Railway
D Air

35 Which place is not associated with my student life
A Patna
B Roorkee
C Delhi
D Ranchi

36 I love to read novels. Tell me which type I hate most
A Science Fiction
B Human Relationships
C Suspense thrillers
D Historical

37 My favorite female novelist is
A Arundhati Roy
B Ashapoorna Devi
C Mannu Bhandari
D Shivani

38 I loved all these books except
A City Of Joy
B God of Small Things
C Other Side of the Midnight
D Gone with the Wind

39 Cricket is my favourite sport. Tell me which statement is false
A I am left arm off spinner & right hand batsman
B. My highest score in official cricket tournament is 29.
C I hit three sixes in an over in my PG hostel cricket ground.
D My favorite scoring area is leg side.

40 The most important quality I seek in my friends is
A Intelligence & Honesty
B Honesty & Humility
C Intelligence & Humility
D All of the above
This was the last multiple option round !
Since I have been tagged by my blogfrens Puneet & Divya(Thx both of u!) the last round will be collection of some truth & lies about me :) . You have to identify which one is true & which one is false!
Contest is getting hotter with every round :)
Can Puneet maintain his lead? Lets wait & see !


KL said...

Nope, I am not even going to participate in this quiz contest - don't want to show my ignorance :D:D:D.....

I see you've written a lot. So, need to read them all eventually. And, I'm not even daring to visit your Hindi blog :):).

So, how are you? I was really busy in graduating and finding a job. Graduated and found a job, though still in a transition period. But, now that I'm getting some time, I'm visting my favorite blogs. Will come back later on again.

Manish Kumar said...

Oh great KL! Nice to see u back :)
First of all my hearty congratulations for finding the job & completing ur graduation!
As for this quiz is concerned u have just come on time !
Hee hee love to know what KL thinks of me :)
So no excuses Hindi Blog mein jao na jao yahan abhi bhi ek hafte ka samay hai !
I bet answering this quiz will me much more entertaining than finishing those assignments from ur supervisers!:)

Zyenab said...

31. C

32. C

33. C

34. C

35. B

36. may be B

37. no idea...:( letz go with B

38. D

39. A

40. B

I failed ... :(

Anonymous said...


Dawn said...

Well...seems like aag ka dariya paar karte karte kaheen...aag mein hee na zhulus jaye trying lets see ...if I am following...the leader (rolling eyes)

31. - C
32. - D
33. - D
34. - C
35. - B
36. - A
37. - B
38. - D
39. - B
40. - A

Good luck to me.....;)


PuNeEt said...

This one is soooooo tough...
need some time...
Will be back...

Divya said...

puneet... ur very shaana huh.. mere aur dawn ke answers dekhke fir apna likhte ho... lol.. zyaada shanpatti nahi karne ka lolzz (just kidding)

ok bck to the quiz...

31. B
32. D
33. B
34. C
35. B
36. A
37. A
38. A or D .. okay D
39. A
40. B

KL said...

Ok, here is my list of ignorance:
31 - A (Darjeeling would look very much like RAnchi - mountains, hills, forests, waterfalls)
32 - B (why are you trying to test my ignorance of Indian geography :-(?)
33 - C
34 - C
35 - C
36 - D
37 - A
38 - A
39 - B
40 - D

Shhh...don't publicize my score :)..

Urvashi said...


31-D coz i loved this place too!!

All these are of coure guesses again!!

PuNeEt said...

Back with my wild guesses...

1 – C
(blind guess)

2 – B
this is pure geography and I’m not enjoying it :-(

3- D
I’m color blind ;-)

4 – C
you love nature, should be C

5 – A
where is Roorke… again geography (can I change my guess later)

6 – A
Can’t be D and B, C seems doubtful so going with A

7 – D
Only heard of A&D

8 – D
Absolutely no clue about this… I never had any craze for books so it’s a blank guess

9 – C
D is the weakness of most of the Indian players, although I’m a very good off side player, A is again somewhat similar to me, except for I’m a left arm fast medium but very very rare combination can be true, B should be true… taking a chance on C although confused with A

10 – B

I certainly doubt my chances of continuing the lead… this was a tough one...

:) said...

31.. c
32.. a
33.. c
34.. c
35.. b
36.. a
37.. a
38.. d
39.. b
40.. a