Saturday, December 30, 2006

Top 25 songs of 2007....lets join the countdown

2006 will be over in less than 50 hours from now on. And as the year approches to its end its time to start another countdown is on my blog. :).
For me, the best way to celebrate the year end with my blogging pals has always been related with sharing of my favourite songs of the past 12 months.

In 2005 it was Khul Ke Muskura De Tu from Phir Milenge .
In 2006 it was Ratiyaan Andhiyari Ratiyaan from Parineeta which stole my heart.
So what will happen in 2007.....
Its a call to all my music pals to come & join me at Ek Shaam Mere Naam for this year Top 25 countdown.


Keshi said...

Happy New Year Manish! :)


Dawn said...

Kool! You are already on to the 20th....way more to go :) far its going same with the pace...I am curious to see if there is any new ones which I have not heard yet ;)
Good Luck

Jake said...

Hi Manish its me Jacob! this is my new user name. "stickperson.1".
i changed my blog URL to

Anonymous said...

hehehe! you are like me - not updated the English blog. Well, atleast someone is like me (unlike our Don...) and that's good :-).

Jyoti said...

gaano ki achi pehchan hai aapko..hmm..interesting blog!