Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Month that was :(... the day that is :)

Last one month was not hectic work wise, but still there were things that kept me away from this blog. Firstly it was Mumbai Blasts & then the Ban on some blog sites which resulted in total whitewash of Blogspot & Type Pad. This happened due to poor implementation strategy adapted by our ISP's. Thank god due to combind protests & good networking through the print media we were back to our blogs within few days.
Anyway during the period of this ban i first went to Kolkata & then to Asansol to attend some official work. Due to heavy rains , the only marketing I could do there was to purchase a Tripod for my camera .
However, this month has started with some good news for me. My travelogue on Sikkim has been published in Hindi webzine Abhivyakti in its Ist August issue.
It really made my day... Never thought I could be associated with Abhivyakti in this way :)
Those who can read Hindi can access it from here or here.


Dawn said...

Hey.......... Congratulations :D
I am so so so happy for this....I know you did put lot of effort in writing it...forget that you had lot of fun on the trip too ...lol!
But yes, this is worth and you deserve it all...so dont be surprise...just enjoy and cherish the moment :D
I will make sure to read it again ;)

Manish Kumar said...

Thx DON!
No doubt Blogging is a time consuming thing. But when u love to do something u don't feel the effort. Sikkim trip was a happy exp and writing it down was sheer pleasure !
The real headache was uploading the pics on all my blogs thru blogger .
yahan to aise bhi log hain jo ghoom ghaam ke enjoy kar ke chale aate hain aur ek bhi pic blog per share nahin karte :p

KL said...

Hey Congrats, yaar - absolutely great job :):). Keep up the good work and hopefully one day you will be a famous writer :):):).

Once you become famous, don't forget us - your nonfamous friends :(.

You need to be a bong to know how to swim across the streets in heavy downpour and do everything of your life (which we constantly do during our beloved monsoon seasons :P:P) :D.

Manish Kumar said...

Thx KL !
rahi famous/not so famous ki baat to yahi kahenge ki Jo log khud college ke jamane se ye sab kaam karte aaye hon wo to hum jaison ka mazak udayenge hi :p

aur haan hum logon tak news nahin break karogi , humein bhi to badhai dene ka mauqa do ;):)

Anonymous said...

Manish ji, heart-filled congratulations and many best wishes!

Very happy to hear this :)

KL said...

Hahaha! very funny :P:P. Yaar - nothing important news. You will laugh on hearing them. Okay, I shall send them over email :D.

But you know - if I give you good news, you are supposed to give me Mishtis (sweets) - rosogollas, chamcham, sweet-curd (mishti-dahi), golab-jamun,....how are you going to give those to me :D:D?

Abhas Kumar said...

Somehow I feel that this blog thing was blowed out of propotion by the media and the political parties.

Anyhow - I didnt feel anything because I guess, our office uses the server from US. :P

Manish Kumar said...

Sindhu Thx !

KL Mishti ! Kyun nahin DON ke rahte kya chinta address bhejo, bhijwa denge :p

Manish Kumar said...

Abhas Blogspot was banned in Pak. Then it was withdrawn only to be reimposed after few days. We didn't wanted the same to hapeen in India.
Strategically the protest was kept a bit loud so that awareness could be created thru print media & news channels that Bloggers as a whole constitute a large community whose freedom of expression can not be arbitarily curtailed just due to poor implmentation of a govt. order.
Moreover these kind of ban always create opposite effects & hence are of no use.

KL said...

Don bhejwa denge ka kya matlab? I need fresh from India, especially Ranchi-style :P. So, when are you going to deliver them :P:P??

Dawn said...

hahahaha Manish mujhe hamesha se tumhare taane bazi mein maza hee aaya hai...ek pyaar ki zhalak to kabhi shararat ki :D...aaj iss jawab ko parhte aansoo aagaye woh bhi pata hai haste haste....
pata nahi insaan emotional kyun ho jaata hai har baar :P
meri kahani phir kabhi bataoongi tab pata chalega ke pics kyun nahi hain:P

Dawn said...

Aur haan Manish iss KL ke liye mein fresh roushgulla bhijwa deti lekin shayad isse India ka fresh lekin basi ..jo yahan pahunchte pahunchte ho jayega hee pasand hai to koi kya kare :P

Urvashi said...

Hey!! Congratulations!!! That's so great!! I wonder when (or if ever!) any of my blogs would be taken up by any webzine or magzine, or any zine!!!
Congrats once more!