Sunday, August 28, 2005

Section III – College Days!

No body can forget about her Alma Mater In fact most of the questions in this section are related to my engg. days. I came out from my college as a diff person.
I hope all of u will score much more in this section than previous one

I plan to give answers of all the 50 questions after u have gone through them.
So one can post reply to any section anytime even if he/she has joined later on. So here I start again

21. I have written poems only twice in my life the first one was when I was in
A.) Class III
B.) Class Xth
C.) Class XII
D.) After doing my Engg

22. In my first year in engineering the most dreaded subject for me was
A.) Engg. Drawing
B.) Engineering Mechanics
C.) Engg. Chemistry
D.) Physics

23. My first crush in real sense happened when I was in
A.) Class Xth
B.) Class XII
C.) Engg Ist Year
D.) It never happened :)

24.I did my BE from BIT Mesra. It brought certain drastic changes in my nature & thinking. Which one of the following is incorrect about me

A.) I became much more talkative & funny.
B.) I became a big flirt
C.) I realized that girls are not so simple & straight as I earlier perceived them too.
D.) I realized that extra curricular activities are as important in life apart from studies.

25. Though I was introduced to various form of music in my college. The one, which influenced me, the most was
A.) Western Pop
B.) Indian classical
C.) Hindi film music
D.) Ghazals

26. One fine morning our computer teacher was changed without any prior knowledge. In place of a Khoosat prof a young maam came to teach us ! Her first class finished with pin drop silence as every one was too surprised to react! Her class was weekly so find the incorrect statement which happened during next week

A.) Everybody studied current chapter & some more before her next class so that any chance to impress her should not be missed.
B.) It was decided that everybody will reach 15 minutes late & then see what is going to be her reaction ?
C.) Just prior to her class i.e just after lunch all the bathrooms of the hostel were packed to capacity.
D.) None of the Above

27.Which game I played the most in my Hostel life
A.) Cricket
B.) Badminton
C.) TT
D.) Playing Cards

28.How many girls I really flirted with during my Engineering days
A.) Nil
B.) One
C.) Two
D.) Lost count

29.One of the thing which I tried desperately to increase in those 4 years without any success was
A.) Memory Power
B.) Weight
C.) No. of GF’s
D.) GPA (Grading percentage)

30. During my college days I got addicted to
A.) Chewing Paan
B.) Smoking
C.) Drinking

D.) None of the above


saurav said...

First publish the result of section II

Manish Kumar said...

hmmmm go to tag box to see the current positions !

Keshi said...

omgg u have a section 111 too? wut abt the section 11 answers Manish lol!


Manish Kumar said...

There r 5 sction Keshi. Correct answers will be given at the end i.e. after 50 questions r completed!
But u gave up only after Ist section !
And I thought u were a brave girl!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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PuNeEt said...

going with Avik n Divya...
unless i get to know the answers of first two sections...
i'm not taking quiz ahead...

No offence but
answers will give us idea

this is not done :-(

Manish Kumar said...

Seems humare anonymous bhai ko apni publicity ke liye yahi jagah achchi lagi :) comment delete karte karte thak gaya uffff :(

Zyenab said...

I read this post yesterday..but due to the service factor i was not able to blog my Answers...and now when am able to present my answers..Everyone is waiting for their previous results....goshhh... wht am i suppose to do ;p

Well....letz go with janta !! :D

Manish Kumar said...

Dear Frens
I can not post the answers here reason i have already explained in my post!

However to meet ur just demand :)correct answer will be mailed to interested persons !

So if any of u want answers to previous section kindly mail me at

Anonymous said...


Zyenab said...

Q21: C [..hmmm ur talking abt college life so it might be C or D ;p...letz go with C ...]

Q22: A [excluding A all r theoratical subjects in which u can ratafay i guess ;)...]

Q23: D [...for this going with my prediction of u being an anti-girl person...hehe..;p ]

Q24: D [ummm...D b'cz u arent a gurly type of a person hehe...isint it ;p]

Q25: D [positive....!! ;)]

Q26: A [Every option is applicable equally here...but 'A' is a good alphabet hehe..;) ]

Q27: D [werent u a bit too lazy in games ? ;p....if yes thn i'll stick with 'D' :) ...]

Q28: A [as mentioned above....'u arent a gurly type of a person' i suppose lolzz :D]

Q29: B [i remember someone once told me something related to it...;p]

Q30: D [This is my belief..and am confident with it...:) ]

Dawn said...

chalo jab guess work hee karna hai to phir...kaahe result...ka giving it...sahi to sahi warna nahi :)

21 - C
22 - A (since u are an intelligent assuming this answer)
23 - B :)
24 - B
25 - B
26 - A (again am thinking u r good guys hehe )
27 - D (am visualizing u n ur hostelites busy in card game i have doubts abt cricket too)
28 - A ( but then I felt like answering B :D)
29 - B :D
30 - A ( first I wanted to say D...;) but then...A is my answer)

ab dande mat maarna manishhhhhhhhh

PuNeEt said...

Hi Manish… Thanks for mailing me the answers for first two rounds :-)>
Since u said ne one can participate in the quiz ne time can I change my guesses now ;-)

Lets C… I’m competing with Dawn n Divya…all the best ladies…

Here I go with my options
(This came as a surprise I thought u must be writing poems)
(I have no idea abt ne of those subjects… but drawing used be a pain for lot of guys)
(I wont trust u if answer is D…)
(Coz that’ me ;-)
(I feel it’s Gazals)
(all situations seem to imaginary)
U like cricket so A is preferred but not there is place constraint to play cric… whereas TT table u can put in hostel and plan n number of time…
Will go with C (if answer is A then give me half marks atleast ;-)
I don’t think ur a flirt…chances of B is also there…confusion again…pls again give me half marks if B is correct ;-)
Pure Guess…
For a guy it could be anything…hope it’s D…

Hoping for the best ;-)


saurav said...

21. B
22. B
23. A
24. A
25. B
26. B
27. D
28. B
29. D
30. B

Urvashi said...

Here are my answers, or guesses more like it! :))


Are you going to put up the right answers only after everyone has taken the quizes?

Manish Kumar said...
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Manish Kumar said...

Ya PR thats what I intend to do but I want to close the contest by 10 th Sep.
Answers will be out around next weekend.
Anyway PR take a look at ur answer for q 30! U just forgot my comments on ur blog related to this :) Best of luck for next rounds!

12:16 PM

:) said...



Urvashi said...

Damn!! I've the worst memory ever!!!! Of coure you are totally againt smoking too!!

KL said...

21 - A
22 - A
23 - D :)
24 - B (Girls are humans too just like men, so why think them to be otherwise :-|??)
25 - D
26 - C
27 - D
28 - A
29 - C
30 - D