Thursday, October 05, 2006

Festivity Fever

Its difficult to update this blog regularly because of preoccupation with my other two kids ..errr blogs.So I thought why not to just tell my readers here, what I am upto these days?
In other words what I wrote while this blog was in snooze mode.

Remembered the era when I have to take/give interview for marriage.
Beautiful eyes and shayri
A hindi poem after three long years :)
About lyrics of this era which still enthralls me
and yes abt songs Mitwa...& Dil Doobe naa....though also in my humming list was Tere bin, Nainon ki mat maniyo re .

This time of the year one can't keep away from the festive mood which is omnipresent. Attendence is thin in the office and we are yet to find our grooves back to work.

This year I enjoyed Durgapuja by roaming in the streets of Ranchi visiting different pooja pandals (12 pm to 4 am to be precise). You can see some of the pics taken during the night here. From Durga Puja to Chathth the same festive spirit prevails in this part of India. This time I organised a written quiz and an open one during the puja celebrations. It was really difficult to control the kids who kept charging the stage with their hands raised to answer the questions.

With my favorite festival Deepavali approaching, I will be off to another small vacation to Central India within 10 days. Anyway more about it later.


KL said...


CN said...

Its amazing Manish, how you have maintained three blogs, and you are very regular about it. Good to see your blogs. Specially one on poems and shayari!

Dawn said...

lo hum yahan comment likhte hein lekin nazar nahi aata :(
too bad!

Anonymous said...

Divali's my favourite festival too!! I'm very happy this time of the year! A friend of mine was wondering why I'm smiling so much today, and I told her that it's coz it's Divali time!! LOL!
And added bonus is that I'll be going to Hyderabad! Yay! :D

Manish Kumar said...

KL loz aap to wahan $ kamane mein lage raho , masti karne se waqt aur paise ki barbaadi jo hoti hai :p

Nipun No Nipun I am not able to do justice to this blog. Haan doosre blog jo aapko achche lage unmein sabse jyada waqt jata hai mera.
Aapka cartoon character dekha hope ki uske aage kekarname mazedaar honge.:)

DON hain...aisa kya

PR Shukriya tumhari deewali wishes ka. Main Nagpur mein tha us waqt. Aur Hyderabad ki trip kaisi rahi ?

Jake said...

hi manish this is jacob... please go to my blog at