Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ban on Blogspot in Pakistan

For last week my frens in Pak were not able to access their blogs. Only today I came to know that it was not due to any technical server snag but due to official ban imposed by Govt of Pakistan on entire blogs hosted by blogspot.
Reason : some blogs on blogspot carried the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Read the related news story here.

I see no problem in banning those specific blogs that hurt religious sentiments but to impose a blanket ban on all blogs is too harsh censorship which will mostly affect innocent Pak bloggers.

I would like to request bloggers every where to please visit BBC Urdu’s forum online to protest against this ban. I hope the Pak govt will see the voice of reason and revoke its decision asap.


Urvashi said...

I was just on Gumnaaaam's blog, and found out the same thing there. But she hadn't given the reason for it. The site's in Urdu, how are we supposed to understand?
I agree with you, just beacuse a few blogs carry the offending pics doesn't mean that the netire site must be banned!

KL said...

It's such a stupid and silly action. Why is Pakistan suddenly behaving like Iran or Saudi Arabia? I simply don't understand these logic. That cartoon is everywhere in the internet. Even if the blogs don't carry it, people can easily find it in the internet. So, are they going to ban internet next?

I went to that site, but could not support anything as it is written in Urdu :(.

MEDHA said...

yes, its ridiculous...blogs in pak are banned:(
and @ phoenix rises...
the urdu bit must b translated sumwhere...try finding...
and ya...banning all the sites coz of some mindless sooo sad:(
and ya manish...i plan to start blogging soon ...finally made my mind:( i m just sooo tired of missing all my fellow bloggers:P
and also...I HAVTA WRITE :P
so as soon as i find a gud blog skin...i'll start once again...but pary tat till then the ban on blogspots is removed so tat even my pakistan frnds can see it :$

and ya once again...its prolly just a tantrum by blogspots to gain like those 2 yr old kids...hehehe

kumarldh said...

Manish bhai aap sahi keh rahe ho. Yeh Adnan ke blog se hai. I hope ye aapke doston ko help karega.
Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Using Google Proxy
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Google provides proxy feature(translation service to access webistes),so if you are having similar issue,just access website by using following URL:

MEDHA said...

yeppy found a protest site *dancing*

donno wot its like a petition or somthing...but still chk it out!!

MEDHA said...

ya ya...thank me ppl

Anonymous said...

Please put up the banner for Don't Block the Blogs. You can find it aat Just copy the html into your next post.

Keshi said...

this is a very sensitive topic...I think it's too harsh to ban all blogs - is Pakistan this fanatic?

besides dun forget that the Buddhists didnt ban anyone from anything when the Afghans broke down the Buddha statues...

One's actions prove how well he/she is representing his/her own faith :)


Manish Kumar said...

Thx PR, KL, Medha, Chetan, Eldestien & Keshi for showing ur concern and feeling in the same way about the whole issue. Its really an absurd decision on govt. part. Anyway I hope better sense will prevail soon. Ameen.

Manish Kumar said...

Thanks Chetan & Medha for providing those links.

I chked the site Medha! there is a link for joining in the petition.

Dawn said...

Yes even I heard and was surprised...!!!


ushakanth said...

thanks and prove our indian sprit andPhotographyerssprit also improve..

Anonymous said...

Without knowing the facts you people start criticizing. Open and other forums and see how many Pakistanis are misusing internet spreading hatred against India, doing internet Jihad against other religions etc.

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)