Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Unique Travel Blog in Hindi : Musafir Hoon Yaaron. !

Offcourse its surprising but its true. I have started my new travel blog in Hindi. It will not tell only my travel tales but will also keep an eye on all that is written about travel by Hindi bloggers across the globe.

The new blog has following sections

  • Travel Stories
  • Travel Tit Bits
  • Travel Pics With a difference
  • Photo features

& more....

So do join us at Musafir Hoon Yaroon

Your suggestion and comments will be welcome.


Unknown said...

Hi Dost,

Good effort although I do have to get used to reading hindi fonts on a computer. I came across a travel website in Hindi. You must be quite well versed with hindi websitesbut still have a look at this one. Might help you in your travels: http://www.ezeego1.co.in/live/hindi.do?language=hindi

Anonymous said...

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Very beautiful ....go ahead

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Unknown said...

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