Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Memorable Win...

It was just like any other ordinary Sunday. Woke up & went online to find my Hindi blog vanished from the net. Though somehow it got restored in the afternoon not before giving me some anxious moments. Anyway chatted for a while, made a call to my net pal and then proceeded to play this match.

Every year all the SAIL units in Ranchi organise a cricket tournament . The players involved are in the age group of 25-50. So to keep the participation level high it is played with the tennis ball:). This time our team has not done well as we could win only 2 of the 4 matches in our group. Our batting has failed miserably and yours truly is also one of the culprits. So even after qualifying for the second round we started with carry over of two losses.

And today with three of our key players missing from the side it was an uphill task for us. To make the matter worse only 10 players reached the ground at scheduled time. The 11 th player was contacted and it was found that he is having his lunch in a nearby restaurent :). And as we feared we lost the toss and were asked to field. Anyway 11th player reached the venue in nick of time saving us the blushes.

We have some good bowlers but our fielders let them down. as many as 8 boundaries were hit after the ball went thru fielder's legs. So with the help of these extra freebies at the end of 20 overs our opponent team scored 149 for 5 .

So far this much of a total was not chased in the tournament and with the state of our batting line up it sure looked a daunting task.

But then today was another day. Our openers did a grt job and we scored 104 runs for 2 wkts in first 15 overs. By 17 th over it was around 125 for 4 with me and my fren Trivedi at the crease.

The next two overs we converted four singles into two and for the last couple I lost my stamina and my legs totally went numb in the middle of the pitch but then with a full length forward despo dive a la Kaif I landed on the crease in nick of time. So it was 146 for 4 after 19th with Trivedi was on strike.

So no pressure on me all i told him to try singles and we will be through. But as the luck would have it my fren was bowled on first ball of the over. Still 4 runs and 5 balls to go. Next delivery was wide & on next we ran a single. So 4 balls and just 2 runs with all fielders closing in.

I pulled the next ball only to find the diving hands of shot square leg fielder. Next delivery was again pitched on leg & middle & this time I managed to sweep the ball past close in fielders to score two runs. We have won with 2 balls to spare!

And my god the team was delighted with players rushing to congratulate us with open arms. It was one of the cherished moment of joy for me! More so because I was able to play my little part by giving my 100%.
We have still to win many more matches to move in last 4 stage but at least the hope & self belief is restored among the team members after this win & thats where half the battle has been won.:)


PuNeEt said...

Congratulations dude
well played...

its always good to perform and see ur team win :-))

wishing ur team all the very best for the rest of the season :-))


Dawn said...

Hey...izzat rakh lee aur kya on a sweep winning...that too with u being till the end...I guess thats the more fun and challenging part..when the win is @ stake and you just make it for enough...time & moment...amazing...literally...I felt the pressure too :D...

good wining...good luck to the next one ;)

Dawn said...

And yes........shukriya for keeping this running ;)

cheers :D

Anonymous said...

hey that was a wonderful match and congratulations .nicely writtten i was also feeling the pressure while reading it felt like climax of lagaan match.
so good luck for rest of the tournament.

Manish Kumar said...

shukriya Puneet, DON & Nagu aapki shubhkaamnaon kaa.
Let's see what happens in next two matches. Though I will not be part of them as I will not in station on those days.

MEDHA said...

sundays rok...dont they?
and yeah thanx for ur comments on da blog...cya around!!

MS said...

hmmm..hmmm to ManishJi @ cricket too....that was nice to know.

Well done sir for leading your team to victory and inspiring, motivating n inducing the self-belief back in the players, who hopefully lead your team to victories in your absence, in the remaining matches....

Waise, aap apni geet mala ke nagmey agar groung par sunaaney lag jaayen to shaayad opposition ke players bowling n fielding bhul jaayen!! :)

Waise hum bhi school ke time se leke aaj tak cricket kheltey aaye hain...and this game n itz spirit refuses to subside!! :)

Happy playing N Wish U keep winning in both the game of cricket and in the game of Life!!


Anonymous said...

hey manish? how do you make you're links work on the link list? my links keeps erroring and stuff

Zyenab said...

So someone is winning matches these days :P

I can really feel those anxious moments ..:D ur blog was restored within i guess half an hour or so..and u were like WHAT !?! but I felt those anxious moments for around one yr...Lol..see the limits of patience Muahahaha..i guess u remember wht am talkin abt :P :D

Congratz on de victory !

Keep rockin :D

Manish Kumar said...

Not in half an hour! After 5 hours. U r only counting the time when I broke the news to u knowing fully well that u will provide some solution;)

Manish Kumar said...

Hey Medha! what's up? no updates at ur blog :(

Manish Kumar said...

So MS u too love cricket. Thanks for ur good wishes for my team. Sadly enough i could not played my part in next matches as out of station. And team lost a crucial game by 12 runs.

KL said...

Too bad :|!!, you have already described your match....gee, I was thinking of stealing your story :D.

Nicely written - could feel my pressure and anxiety going up while reading. Wow! must have been a nice match to watch.

Now enough story told about how you helped your team to win the match. Share also the story about how you made them loose :D:D...

Manish Kumar said...

Now enough story told about how you helped your team to win the match. Share also the story about how you made them loose :D:D...

next two matches i was unavailable and one of that match we lost by just 13 runs....may be .and only may be:)... i could have done something.